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Top 10 Saloons in Prescott, AZ

Whether you’re a craft beer aficionado, whiskey connoisseur, or simply seeking good company, these saloons promise unforgettable experiences filled with live music, Western flair, and hospitality as warm as the Arizona sun. Cheers to discovering the essence of Prescott’s Old West charm in these renowned watering holes!

#1 The Palace Saloon
The Palace Saloon Prescott AZ

The Palace Saloon

Established in 1877, The Palace is one of the oldest saloons in Arizona, offering a historic ambiance with live music, dancing, and a full bar.

#2 Jersey Lilly Saloon

Jersey Lilly Saloon

Another iconic saloon on Whiskey Row, Jersey Lilly Saloon offers a classic Old West ambiance with rustic decor, live music, and a wide selection of drinks. It also has the best patio in downtown Prescott overlooking the town square from the open air 2nd story patio.

#3 Matt's Saloon

Matt's Saloon

Matt’s Saloon is a lively spot on Whiskey Row known for its casual atmosphere, live music, and outdoor patio, offering a variety of drinks and pub grub.

#4 The Bird Cage Saloon

The Bird Cage Saloon

Located on Whiskey Row, The Birdcage Saloon is a popular spot for live music, dancing, and a wide selection of drinks, including craft beers and specialty cocktails.

#5 The Point Bar & Lounge
The Point Lounge Prescott AZ

The Point Bar & Lounge

Prescott’s most popular speakeasy with the best craft cocktails and a selection behind the bar that boasts over 150 whisk(e)ys, including some hard to find bourbon, obscure herb liqueurs, gins, agave spirits, vodkas, rums, and much more. Beer and wine lovers are also certain to find something special from our carefully curated list of bottles and 16 drafts.

#6 Back Alley Wine Bar
Back Alley Wine Bar Prescott AZ

Back Alley Wine Bar

Come experience our wide selection of locally made Arizona wine. We also offer wines, beer and cider from around the world.

#7 City Tavern
City Tavern Prescott AZ

City Tavern

As Arizona’s largest self-serve tapwall, we offer a range of brews, from local libations to hard-to-find hops. Check out our 65+ beer, wine, and cocktail options we have curated just for you!

#8 1881 Spirits

1881 Spirits

Located on Whiskey Row, this saloon provides a cosy atmosphere that makes this place makes visitors feel relaxed and have a good time.

#9 Superstition Meadery

Superstition Meadery

This tasting room is home to the largest meadery in the US. This the perfect place to relax and enjoy some of the world’s best mead and cider.

#10 Glass Bar

Glass Bar

This bar is located in the one of the of Historic Places in Prescott, the Hassayampa Inn.

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